Norrköping Visualizaion Center C

Visualization Center C is a meeting place about visualization - the result of a close collaboration between the Municipality of Norrköping, Linköping University, Norrköping Science Park and Interactive Institute.

The starting point for the Center is the visualization research being conducted at Linköping University. The idea of a visualization center has been around for a long time. In 2000 the first step was taken when Norrköping's Visualization and Interaction Studio was built - an experience laboratory and a virtual reality (VR) theater that has served as a prototype. Today the Center is filled with a variety of different visual experiences.

C-Research consists of research groups at Linköping University that perform research on visualizations. Many of the groups within C-Research are found at the division of Media and Information Technology in Norrköping.

The scientific visualization group have taken part in projects resulting in products such as the Virtual Autopsy Table, a haptic station where you can feel the inside of the beating heart, a Animal Volume Rendering Wall (early production demo), and several other things that are part of the exhibition and the concept To Show What Can Not Be Seen.
Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV)

CMIV is a multidisciplinary research center located at the Linköping University hospital and initiated by Linköpings University, the Landstinget i Östergötland, and Sectra AB. CMIV conducts focused front-line research within multidisciplinary projects providing solutions to tomorrow’s clinical issues. The mission is to develop future methods and tools for image analysis and vizualization for applications within health care and medical research.

The Scientific Visualization Group is closely affiliated with CMIV as a research group and frequently consults radiologists to understand the problems their facing. Research concept are evaluated using their expertise and years of knowledge of working at a major hospital.