Tangible and Tabletop Computing: Software and Usability Aspects

TIME: Friday, Jan 11th, 13:15

PLACE: VR Arena on Visualization Center C

ABSTRACT: The objective behind Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) is to allow users to interact with computers through familiar tangible objects, thereby taking advantage of the richness of the tactile world combined with the power of computer-based simulations. TUIs give physical form to digital information, employing physical artifacts both as representations and controls for computational media. They lend themselves well to collaboration around intelligent tables, or what we call tabletop interaction. The t2i Interaction Lab at Chalmers is a group of researchers and talented students pushing the edge of interactive technology. Current areas of research focus and expansion are: mobile computing, medical visualization, big data, and motion capture.

BIO: Morten Fjeld's research activities are situated in the field of Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on tangible and tabletop user computing. In 2005, he founded the Tabletop Interaction (t2i) lab at Chalmers. He holds a dual MSc degree in applied mathematics from NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) and ENSIMAG (Grenoble, France), and a PhD from ETH (Zurich, Switzerland). In 2002, Morten Fjeld received the ETH Medal for his PhD titled "Designing for Tangible Interaction". Morten Fjeld also has extensive industrial experience in the areas of fluid mechanics, simulators, and user interface design. Besides being a teacher and researchers, Morten is also a singer. As a member of the Gothenburg Symphonic Choir, he regularly performs as tenor with the National Orchestra of Sweden.