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  • SIGRAD has started
    17.08.2017: SIGRAD 2017 opened with keynote presentations given by Christoph Garth from University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and Ivan Viola from Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

  • SeRC Summer School 2017

    The SeRC Summer School 2017 on Visualization, which took place here over the last couple of days, was a great success. More than 20 participants were listening to interesting and inspiring talks of visualization experts leading to many discussions.

  • SIGRAD Registration now open
    29.06.2017: The registration for SIGRAD is now open. Early bird rates apply until July 20.

  • SeRC Summer School 2017

    The SeRC Summer School 2017 on Visualization will take place here at the Visualization Center in Norrköping on August 14-17. Besides the introduction of fundamental visualization concepts its goal is to generate awareness about the capabilities of advanced visualization methods to extract knowledge from data. 

    More information available here

  • SIGRAD 2017 in Norrköping

    This year's SIGRAD conference will be held here in Norrköping on August 17 and 18, 2017.

    SIGRAD is the premier Nordic forum for computer graphics and visualization advances for academia and industry, with a special focus on visualization and interactive graphics in computer games and education in Sweden. 

    More information available on the conference website

  • Chuck Hansen from SCI Institute is visiting
    29.06.2017: Last week we were happy to have Chuck Hansen from the SCI institute at the University of Utah visiting us and give a presentation on their work titled "FluoRender: A Visualization and Analysis Tool for Confocal Microscopy."

  • Paper to be presented at IEEE Visualization 2016
    05.08.2016: Our paper on interactive illumination for time-varying volumetric data (Correlated Photon Mapping for Interactive Global Illumination of Time-Varying Volumetric Data) will be presented at IEEE VIS 2016.

  • Papers to be presented at IEEE Visualization 2015
    13.10.2015: Our papers on volumetric data exploration (Intuitive Exploration of Volumetric Data Using Dynamic Galleries) and verification of space weather (Visual Verification of Space Weather Ensemble Simulations) will be presented at IEEE VIS 2015. 

  • State of the art report accepted at EuroVis 2015
    04.05.2015: Our state of the art report on the visualization of molecular structures has been accepted at EuroVis 2015 and will be presented there end of May.

  • Papers to appear at IEEE PacificVis 2015
    19.01.2015: Two papers have been accepted to IEEE Pacific Visualization 2015. One on interactive depth of field in molecular visualization and one on selective light updates for efficient volume illumination.

  • Best Poster Award at IEEE Vis 2014
    12.09.2014: Our poster on A Framework for Verification of Coronal Mass Ejection Ensemble Simulation was awarded with the "Best SciVis Poster 2014" award. The poster describes the current development of a system that will use both in-situ measurements as well as real-time comparisons of satellite imagery with MHD simulations to improve predictions of space weather phenomena.

  • Paper accepted to IEEE Scientific Visualization Conference 2014
    21.08.2014: Our paper on boundary aware reconstruction of scalar fields has been accepted to be presented at IEEE VIS 2014. The paper presents a novel approach that improves classification of different materials and their boundaries by combining information from the classifiers at the reconstruction stage.

  • Paper accepted at IEEE BioVis 2013
    02.09.2013: Our paper on large scale MSA visualization has been accepted to be presented at IEEE BioVis 2013. In this paper we propose how to use visualization in order to analyze otherwise hard to perceive patterns in MSA data. Khoa Tan-Nguyen will give the presentation.

  • Second Best Paper Award at SCCG 2013
    02.09.2013: A collaborative paper with the visualization group at the University of Bergen and the Visualization Group at the TU Vienna, on molecular surface abstraction received the second best paper award at SCCG 2013.

  • Talk - Visualization and Mesoscopic Simulation in Systems Biology

    Martin Falk from the University of Stuttgart will hold a talk at Wednesday the 15th of August, at 15:15 in the VR Arena. An abstract of the talk can be found here.

  • Talk - Tangible and Tabletop Computing: Software and Usability Aspects
    08.01.2013: Morten Fjeld from Chalmers will hold a talk about Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) and Tabletop Interaction on Friday the 11th of Jan, at 13:15 in the VR Arena. More information can be found here.

  • 2 papers accepted to EG VCBM 2012
    09.08.2012: Two papers have been accepted to Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine 2012. The first on semi-automatic vessel segmentations and the second on deriving and visualizing uncertainty in kinetic PET modeling.

  • 3 papers accepted to IEEE Scientific Visualization Conference 2012
    25.07.2012: Three papers have been accepted to IEEE Scientific Visualization Conference 2012. One on coherency-based curve compression for finite element model visualization, one on automatic tuning of transfer functions for blood vessel visualization and in the last one we present a novel concept named historygrams, which is applied to photon mapping to enable interactive global illumination. All will be presented at VisWeek this year.

  • Anders Ynnerman elected EG Fellow
    24.05.2012: We are very happy to announce, that Anders Ynnerman is now a fellow of the Eurographics Association. Read the official announcement on the EG website.

  • Talk - 3D Worlds for Everyone!
    07.05.2012: Burkhard Wuensche from the University of Auckland (New Zealand) will present new technologies for 3D content creation. The talk will take place on the 28th of May (Monday) at 13.15-14.15 in the VR-Arena at Visualization Center C. For more information please refer to the abstract of the talk.

  • SeRC - Visualization Workshop
    02.05.2012: The SeRC Visualization Workshop will take place on the 21th of May at the Norrköping Visualization Center C and shall bring together domain and core SeRC members to discuss visualization related challenges within the SeRC context.

  • Dome Volume Rendering utilizing Kinect Finger Tracking
    04.04.2012: Proof of concept for "Gesture Controlled Volume Rendering Using Microsoft Kinect for Finger Tracking", tested and recorded in our dome.

  • EGPGV paper "Marching Caches" accepted
    20.03.2012: Our paper on a new explicit caching scheme for ray casting we enables higher-order reconstruction and enhancement filters with an improved rendering performance has been accepted to Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2012. More information can be found here.

  • Seminar: Virtopsy - the Swiss virtual autopsy approach
    18.01.2012: Virtopsy® was born from the desire to implement new techniques in radiology for the benefit of forensic science. The aim is to establish an observer independent, objective and reproducible forensic assessment method using modern imaging technology, eventually leading to minimally invasive "virtual" forensic forensic autopsy. This presentation by Steffen Ross and Lars Eber gives an overview about the techniques currently used for Virtual autopsy and crime scene reconstruction and an outlook about future developments. It will take place on Thursday 19/1 at 15.15 in K52. 

  • EG STAR accepted
    03.01.2012: Our state-of-the-art report on volumetric illumination techniques for interactive volume rendering has been accepted to be presented at Eurographics 2012. The presentation will be given by Daniel Jönsson, Erik Sundén, Anders Ynnerman and Timo Ropinski. More information on the STAR can be found here.

  • TVCG paper accepted
    03.01.2012: Our paper on boundary-aware texturing for interactive volume rendering has been accepted to be published in IEEE TVCG. Please check out the details here.

  • Seminar on GPU-Based High-Performance Visualization
    10.11.2011: Prof. Markus Hadwiger will give an overview of selected research that we are doing in interactive high-performance visualization at the Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center (GMSV) at KAUST. The talk will take place on Thursday 24/11 at 15.15-16 in TP51.

  • Research grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR)
    03.11.2011: Members of the SciVis group have recieved grants for new projects. Ynnerman et al have recieved a grant for "High Quality Illumination in Interactive Volume Graphics", Ropinski et al for "Interactive Finite Element Visualization" and Palmerius et al for "Immersive Education: Interacting with Virtual Nanotechnology Environments in Building and Learning Fundamental Science Concepts".

  • IVA awards gold medal to Anders Ynnerman
    27.10.2011: Prof. Ynnerman has been awarded a gold medal by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, for his contributions to visualization and physical simulation in computer graphics, and for innovative leadership. For more information see link.

  • Dissertation on Efficient Methods for Volumetric Illumination
    19.10.2011: Frida Gyllensvärd is defending her dissertation in Efficent Methods for Volumetric Illumination on the 25th of November in Wrannesalen at CMIV. The opponent is Markus Hadwiger from KAUST in Saudia Arabia.

  • Dome Show on International Festival of Scientific Visualization
    19.09.2011: Dr. Carter Emmart from American Museum of Natural History in New York is showcasing a dome video at the International Festival of Scientific Visualization produced by the SciVis Group using Voreen.

  • 3 Papers accepted at IEEE Visualization 2011
    18.07.2011: Three papers have been accepted at IEEE Visualization 2011. One on perceptual influence of advanced volume rendering techniques, the second is a follow up to the virtual autopsy table and the last named image plane sweep volume illumination. All will be presented at VisWeek this year.

  • Animalistic Exhibition Contribution
    15.04.2011: The Animalistic Exhibition features an co-developed application with volume rendering of CT scanned animals which is interactivly controlled with a Kinect module. Here is a demo video of a test scene with some light interaction. 05.05.11 The demo video showcase an early production test and the motion sensing software for the kinect has far better accuracy today.   

  • Efficient Visibility Encoding for Dynamic Illumination paper accepted to TVCG
    21.03.2011: A paper on visibility encoding for dynamic illumination will appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, (TVCG), 2011.

  • TED talk by Anders Ynnerman posted
    25.01.2011: Go ahead and watch Anders Ynnermans recent TED talk: Visualizing the medical data explosion.

  • Virtual Autopsy Table follow-up goes on display.
    30.11.2010: Yesterday Sectra presented their follow-up on our research project Virtual Autopsy Table at RSNA in Chicago. The Sectra Visualization Table has also got attention from technical magazines such as Engadget and Ny Teknik.

  • Anders Ynnerman and Anders Persson have won the Swedish National Encyclopedia Knowledge Award
    20.10.2010: The award was given in the Public Sector category. The Knowledge Awards are conferred by the Swedish National Encyclopedia annually to candidates who "innovatively, joyfully and successfully, manage to bring knowledge to others". 

    More information about the award can be found by following the link below.

  • Five successful years for MOVIII
    15.10.2010: Yesterday it was time for the finale of the 45-million investment project MOVIII and of course it took place at the Visualization Center C in Norrköping. The highlight was a live demonstration of brain activity of a subject in an MRI scanner situated in Linköping, approximately 40 kilometers away.

  • Paper about Spatial Conditioning of Transfer Functions was accepted to IEEE Visualization 2010
    25.07.2010: Our paper named Spatial Conditioning of Transfer Functions Using Local Material Distributions has been accepted to IEEE Visualization Conference 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Stefan Lindholm will be presenting the work.

  • Move to Visualization Center C
    04.06.2010: Most part of the SciVis team are now moving across the river to the Visualization Center C just after the the opening. Dome, new VR theather and exhibition area will be a useful forum to showcase the research to the public.

  • Best SciVis Poster Award at IEEE Vis 2015
    24.08.2015: Our poster named "OpenSpace: Public Dissemination of Space Mission Profiles" by Bock, Marcinkowski, Kilby, Emmart, and Ynnerman was awarded the "Best SciVis poster 2015" award". The poster describes the work in the open-source platform OpenSpace with regards to the work on deep space missions such as New Horizons, Rosetta, and Dawn.