Erik Sundén

Research Engineer, June 2010 - Sept 2015
CTO at Visualization Center C, since Sept 2015

Contact Information

Phone: +46 (0)11-36 36 26
Office: Visualization Center C - G418


I received a M.Sc. in 2010(June) from the Media Technology program at Linköping University.
The master thesis was conducted as part of an internship at Siemens Corporate Research (SCR) in Princeton, NJ, USA.
I started my work as a Research Engineer within Scientific Visualization right after this internship.

Since 2015 I'm a Technical Manager/CTO at the university/visualization science center with focus on immersive visualization, primarily real-time dome and HMD applications focusing on infrastructure and interaction, cluster based rendering etc. Much more use of mainstream engines such as Unity.

Research Interests

I now continue developing algorithms and tools within volume visualization, with deep knowledge in illumination methods, but my big interest is interaction methods for public exploration of scientific data.

Previous and Ongoing Projects

Developer on SGCT (since 2015)
Manager and Developer on Inviwo (2012-2016)
Developer on Voreen (2011-2012)
Previous work on the eXtensible Imaging Platform (XIP) (2009-2010).


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