Erik Sundén

Research Engineer, June 2010 - Sept 2015
CTO at Visualization Center C, since Sept 2015

Contact Information

Phone: +46 (0)11-36 36 26
Office: Visualization Center C - G418


I received a M.Sc. in 2010(June) from the Media Technology program at Linköping University.
The master thesis was conducted as part of an internship at Siemens Corporate Research (SCR) in Princeton, NJ, USA.
I started my work as a Research Engineer within Scientific Visualization right after this internship.

Research Interests

I now continue developing algorithms and tools within volume visualization, with a strong interest in illumination methods.

Previous and Ongoing Projects

Manager and Core Developer on Inviwo (since 2012)
Core Developer on Voreen (2011-2012)
Previous work on the eXtensible Imaging Platform (XIP) (2009-2010).


Google Scholar
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