Multi-Dimensional Transfer Function Design Using Sorted Histograms

IEEE/EG Volume Graphics - 2006
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Multi-dimensional Transfer Functions (MDTFs) are increasingly used in volume rendering to produce high quality visualizations of complex data sets. A major factor limiting the use of MDTFs is that the available design tools have not been simple enough to reach wide usage outside of the research context, for instance in clinical medical imaging. In this paper we address this problem by defining an MDTF design concept based on improved histogram display and interaction in an exploratory process. To this end we propose sorted histograms, 2D histograms that retain the intuitive appearance of a traditional 1D histogram while conveying a second attribute. We deploy the histograms in medical visualizations using data attributes capturing domain knowledge e.g. in terms of homogeneity and typical surrounding of tissues. The resulting renderings demonstrate that the proposed concept supports a vast number of visualization possibilities based on multi-dimensional attribute data.

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