Interactive Visualization Techniques for Neurosurgery Planning

Stefan Diepenbrock, Jörg-Stefan Praßni, Florian Lindemann, Hans-Werner Bothe, Timo Ropinski
Eurographics (Short Papers) - 2011
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We present concepts for pre-operative planning of brain tumor resections. The proposed system uses a combination of traditional and novel visualization techniques rendered in real-time on modern GPUs in order to support neurosurgeons during intervention planning. A set of multimodal 2D and 3D renderings conveys the relation between the lesion and the various structures at risk and also depicts data uncertainty. To facilitate efficient interactions while providing a comprehensible visualization, all employed views are linked. Furthermore, the system allows the surgeon to interactively define the access path by clicking in the 3D views as well as to perform distance measurements in 2D and 3D.

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