Survey of Glyph-based Visualization Techniques for Spatial Multivariate Medical Data

Timo Ropinski, Steffen Oeltze, Bernhard Preim
Computers & Graphics - 2011
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In this survey article, we review glyph-based visualization techniques, which have been exploited when visualizing spatial multivariate medical data. To classify these techniques, we derive a taxonomy of glyph properties, which is based on classification concepts established in information visualization. By considering both the glyph visualization as well as the interaction techniques that are employed to generate or explore the glyph visualization, we are able to classify glyph techniques into two main groups: those supporting pre-attentive and those supporting attentive processing. With respect to this classification, we review glyph-based techniques described in the medical visualization literature. Based on the outcome of the literature review, we propose design guidelines for glyph visualizations in the medical domain.

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