Feature Level-Sets: Generalizing Iso-surfaces to Multi-variate Data

IEEE TVCG - 2018
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Iso-surfaces or level-sets provide an effective and frequently used means for feature visualization. However, they are restricted to simple features for uni-variate data. The approach does not scale when moving to multi-variate data or when considering more complex feature definitions. In this paper, we introduce the concept of traits and feature level-sets, which can be understood as a generalization of level-sets as it includes iso-surfaces, and fiber surfaces as special cases. The concept is applicable to a large class of traits defined as subsets in attribute space, which can be arbitrary combinations of points, lines, surfaces and volumes. It is implemented into a system that provides an interface to define traits in an interactive way and multiple rendering options. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach using multi-variate data sets of different nature, including vector and tensor data, from different application domains.

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