Selected Publications

by Thomas Rydell
Publications in 2016
Anders Ynnerman, Thomas Rydell, Daniel Antoine, David Hughes, Anders Persson, Patric Ljung
Communications of the ACM, Volume 59, Number 12, page 72-81 - December 2016
Publications in 2015
Anders Ynnerman, Thomas Rydell, Anders Persson, Aron Ernvik, Camilla Forsell, Patric Ljung, Claes Lundström
Eurographics - Dirk Bartz Prize - 2015
Publications in 2011
Claes Lundström, Thomas Rydell, Camilla Forsell, Anders Persson, Anders Ynnerman
IEEE TVCG(Vis Proceedings), Volume 17, Number 12, page 1775--1784 - December 2011