Uncertainty visualization for diagnostic imaging

The overall objective of the project is: To create uncertainty visualization methods that increase effectiveness and efficiency of diagnostic imaging in clinical practice.


Uncertainties are introduced and propagated throughout the medical imaging pipeline. In clinical practice today, the physician performs uncertainty analysis almost entirely without assistance from the visualization system. This can be problematic for diagnostically challenging cases, both in terms of diagnostic accuracy and work efficiency.

Objectives of the project

The project aims to develop uncertainty visualization methods for a number of concrete clinical scenarios where uncertainty analysis is urgently needed. There are three cases already identified as primary targets, all new or rapidly changing imaging techniques: Dual Energy Computed Tomography, low-dose Computed Tomography, and registration of multi-modality images. For each scenario, methods will be developed with focus on two technological areas: modeling and visual representation. The developed methods and tools are to be thoroughly finalized, such that a subsequent commercialization is straightforward.

Project Members