Call For Papers

SIGRAD is the premier Nordic forum for computer graphics and visualization advances for academia and industry, with a special focus on visualization and interactive graphics in computer games and education in Sweden. SIGRAD2017 welcomes paper submission from around the World, not only the Nordic area.

SIGRAD2017 will be organized by the division for Media and Information Technology at Linköping University, Campus Norrköping (Sweden) in cooperation with EUROGRAPHICS and The Society for Art And Science.

SIGRAD2017 welcomes submission with topics ranging from Computer Graphics to Visualization. Conference topics include but are not limited to:

  • Interactive computer graphics and animation techniques
  • Virtual collaboration spaces
  • Visualization
  • Computer Games and Multi-user web games
  • Computer vision for augmented and mixed reality
  • Virtual humans and avatars
  • Art and heritage in cyberspace, cyber-museums

Publication and presentation

The conference will offer two categories of sessions.

Novel research session

  • Full paper (4 – 8 pages),
  • Poster paper (1 -2 pages).

All papers will be published in the same conference proceedings.

Papers will be scheduled for oral presentation, Poster papers will also have an opportunity to make a brief oral presentation (fast-foward format) in addition to a Poster session.

Swedish Research Overview Session

Here all Swedish research groups are invited to present their academically outstanding previously published work at the annual conference. This serves to highlight excellent Swedish research, stimulate the discussion and initiate collaborations on a national level.

Acceptance criteria:
(i) The paper has been published in an academically outstanding journal or conference not longer than two years before the SIGRAD conference.
(ii) At least one of the authors is a researcher at a Swedish university or research institute.
(iii) At least one of the authors registers for the conference and attends the conference to give a presentation about the paper.

The paper will not be part of the proceedings to avoid copyright issues with the original publisher.

These papers should be submitted via email to the chairs containing: authors, title, abstract and venue where the papers originally appeared together with a link where the paper can be downloaded. The deadline for such papers is August 1st.

Paper/poster submission format

The Submissions in the form of paper (4 – 8 pages, A4)  and Posters (1 or 2 pages, A4) will be accepted for review by an international committee of experts. Papers can be non-blind, i.e. they don’t need to be made anonymous.

In order to submit to SIGRAD 2017, authors should prepare their submissions as a PDF file using the SIGRAD 2017 LaTeX2e style. This style follows strictly the Eurographics authors guidelines for workshop/symposium proceedings.

LaTeX2e style:

Papers/posters first-authored by students

Additionally, papers first-authored by a student should also be clearly labelled through an additional footnote.

Paper submission link

Papers (except for contributions to the Swedish Research Overview Session) should be submitted in the PDF file format through EasyChair at the following link: